The Andrea Josková Academy

Educational program to develop your own salon by Andrea Josková

Would you like to enrich your hair styling knowledge and skill?

Would you like to keep your current customers happy and gain new ones?

I offer professional training, both theoretical and practical, while working with your client. Consultation, based on long-term practice, constant professional monitoring, and following completion of training courses in the Czech Republic and abroad, focuses primarily on maintaining and strengthening your strong points.

It has been proven (by whom and how?) that coaching with an external trainer during direct contact with the client is much more effective and beneficial than supervision by a more experienced associate or by the salon owner him/herself. When we work in front of people with whom we have professional ties, we subconsciously try to appear more effective and capable than we really are – this often brings an unwillingness to reveal your weaknesses, openly define the problem areas, and especially to improve under directed leadership. With an external trainer you can openly consult not only your experiences and new knowledge from work or associates in the hair styling studio, but also your problem areas.

You can choose the environment for educational program yourself. What has proven best, and what we recommend, is the home environment of your own salon.

  • Be an equal partner for hair styling studio owners and managers in the definition and building process
  • Focus on developing your own hair styling studio, quality control
  • Immediate feedback and correction right at the workplace
  • Hair styling studio training focused on the professional level of provided services that leads to increased clientele and their satisfaction (with both products and services). This results in a customer's strengthened emotional connection and loyalty to your studio.
  • Consultation/training in the following hair stylist services: from the basic rules up to the highest quality of luxurious service. This is how to keep clients and lead them to purchase the highest quality products.

My mission:

  • Fully develop the talent of hair stylists and their teams, and to broaden the boundaries of their possibilities.

My task:

  • Professional adaptation of the training program to suit the client's needs.
  • Through training, I consider monitoring skills directly at the workplace to be one of the most effective ways to increase performance, quality, and satisfaction.

Hair stylists are more able to achieve their new levels of performance in this way. Immediate results, longer lasting process of changes, and constant monitoring bring tangible positive performance levels over the long term.

Together, we set up individual approaches to solve your clearly established areas, or in such a way that eliminates problems.
I have been working as a hair stylist for 20 years; I've had my studio for 15 years, working as a trainer for 10 years, as a company ambassador for 10 years, and 2 years as a trainer.

Mutual trust and confidentiality

A high degree of empathy, allowing for a quick understanding of the emotional needs of other people, their motivations, and fears.

My independent and impartial position allows me to precisely locate problems. Persuasion towards a new perspective requires a friendly atmosphere.

My goal and skill is to bring people with opposing interests and motives into accord.

I'm always able to support others and be a trustworthy person for them.

I'm able to locate areas of possible development in others, and I very much enjoy helping them succeed – Your success is my success.


Individually, depending on the demands of time and content, the established goals, and achieved results.

Based on time demands, on an agreed hourly rate

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