Hair colouring

Revolution in hair colouring: Inoa Supreme, the first rejuvenating colour without ammonia

Barvení vlasů bez amoniakuToday's woman takes care of herself and takes an active part in her social life. Even mature women know that each age brings new experiences and pleasures with it, which is why they enjoy the beauty of life and let themselves be pampered. L'Oréal Professionnel with the Inoa revolution is continuing just for them. We use Inoa, the first rejuvenating colour without ammonia, in our salon. This is designed for mature women who have more than 70 percent white hair.

White hair is the most visible sign of aging. It often appears around the age of fifty and is caused by the loss of natural hair pigments (colours). Hair colouring then becomes a normal and natural part of a woman's care about her appearance.

In order for a woman to truly look younger, she must appear natural – and this means more than simply masking white hair. The secret that our salon keeps, and which produces the desired effect, is in our new weapon: in Inoa Supreme, the rejuvenating hair colour.

This new colouring system colours hair completely, up to one hundred percent, in one single step, but also brightens women's complexion thanks to its double reflections while strengthening the hair fibre. At the same time, it completely respects the scalp.

The palette of colours has been selected by the hair colouring experts at L'Oréal Professionnel and consists of gentle beige, brown, and sunny blond shades. Each of them has a double reflection that harmonically joins together to brighten the complexion and make women look younger.

Come to our salon to try out the new Inoa Supreme colour and discover the professional difference. Don't be afraid to become a few years younger!

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